Photography, design, and layout for debut EP Come Back, Honey by TAZ. Design files and physical CD photographs. 2015.

New Age Beverage Corporation: Búcha Kombucha Tea Case Stacker Display. 2017. 

New Age Beverage Corporation: Refrigerator Wrap featuring XingTea and Marley Beverage Co. products. 2017. 

New Age Beverage Corporation: XingTea Case Stacker Display. 2017. 

Concept, photography, and design for debut album Lessons of Drought by The Max Johnk Septet. 2015.

Design for Portland band Rags & Ribbons using pre-existing logo. 2013.

Photography, branding, and package design for ChocMo Chocolate bistro. In 2011 I was the new restaurant's only employee, working as a barista, waitress, and cook. I also shot all the photographs for the business at that time and designed the product packaging, advertisements, and social media promotions.

Sticker, card, and poster design for my former band, The Horde & The Harem.

sticker design

business card and download promo card

Concordia College package design assignment. Original concept, product, photography, design, copy, and layout. 2010.

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