Here are some work samples from a spectrum of clientele. My experience is in product, editorial, portrait, and illustrative photo editing. 

My portrait retouching philosophy is the belief that retouching helps to best represent a person in a photograph by toning down or removing the distractions you wouldn't notice while interacting with the subject in real life. An image should represent the authentically unique character of the subject and should give the subject pride and confidence in who they are and how they present themselves. I balance these personal views with specific client and subject retouching requests, respecting that some people prefer a more subtle approach while others seek a highly-polished and perfected final product. 

Retouching for zulily

Henry's Tavern. Photography, editing, and logo change. 2018. The South Lake Union location is branded differently than the other locations, so I replaced the logo in order to utilize the image for all locations. 

Kincaid's. 2018. Original photography by Kevin Fry. 

Original photography and retouching with alternate overlay option:

Before and after comparisons of retouching done for a professional headshot photographer:

Using Format